Why Do We Fight To Change The World? By Dan Larimer (The Cryptoverse #87)

  • Do you ever wonder how I acquired the knickname ‘The Marketing Monk’?
  • Do you ever wonder why I’m so passionate about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains?
  • Are you aware of my personal mission ‘To lead people to freedom through education and awareness’ that is the motivating force behind everything that I do.

A couple of days ago @dantheman aka Dan Larimer posted the most wonderful essay on Steemit which beautifully articulates why someone like me, deeply into meditation and spiritual growth, has studied economics so intensively.

Right now, western civilization looks almost exactly like the Roman Empire right before it collapsed. We are at the 11th hour, and unless the mental framework people are using to live their lives changes, history is going to repeat itself.

So here is my gift to Dan and to the community. For those who are not readers, here is Dan’s beautiful essay narrated as audio for today’s episode of The Cryptoverse.

And don’t worry, we’ll be back to our regular programming tomorrow. I just felt the need to bring this masterpiece to as wide an audience as possible.

And finally, now is the time to become acquainted with the movie V for Vendetta. If you have never seen this movie and would like to see where we are heading, I invite you to watch it (twice).


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