How To Confidently Join The Digital Money Revolution

Master the basics of Bitcoin and own a stake in the future of money.

Course Description

If you are just starting out with Bitcoin and crypto-currencies then this may be the course for you.

Many people who hear about Bitcoin want to know more about it before they dive in and start using it. This is the ideal program for that.

The Digital Money Revolution lays all the foundational knowledge about how the Bitcoin technology works and how it has been applied to be used as a currency.

This course is also not exclusively about Bitcoin. Module 3 takes you through various aspects of economics which will deepen your understanding of how our current financial system works.

The course also covers the major problems that exist with the currency system that is in place today. This will greatly help you understand the problem that Bitcoin solves and why it was created in the first place.

Only once you have the foundational knowledge does the course go into how to setup your Bitcoin wallet and then how to get and spend Bitcoin.

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Course Curriculum

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 How To Navigate Around
Unit 2 Introduction and Overview
Module 2 Bitcoin - The Technology
Unit 1 Exploring The Name
Unit 2 Bitcoin - My Formal Definition
Unit 3 What is Open Source Software?
Unit 4 Who Created Bitcoin?
Unit 5 What Is A Software Protocol?
Unit 6 What Is A Blockchain?
Unit 7 How Is The Bitcoin Network Trustless?
Unit 8 What is a Peer to Peer Decentralised Network?
Unit 9 Let's Not Forget The Internet
Unit 10 The Public Database That Tracks Asset Ownership
Unit 11 What Is Cryptography?
Unit 12 How is the Bitcoin Network Secured by Consensus?
Unit 13 Bitcoin Technology Quiz
Module 3 Bitcoin and Currency
Unit 1 What Is Money Really?
Unit 2 What's The Difference Between Money and Currency - Part 1
Unit 3 What's The Difference Between Money and Currency - Part 2
Unit 4 Is Gold Good Money?
Unit 5 Is Paper Good Money?
Unit 6 Are Crypto-Currencies Good Money?
Unit 7 What's The Difference Between Money and Currency? - Part 3
Unit 8 Gold Standard Money
Unit 9 How Central Banks Fit In
Unit 10 The Dollar Standard
Unit 11 Quiz 2 - Bitcoin and Currency
Module 4 Why Our Current System Is Broken
Unit 1 Inflation - The Silent Robber
Unit 2 The Federal Reserve Is A Private Company
Unit 3 All Fiat Currencies In History Have Collapsed
Unit 4 Trust And Power Are Centralised In Small Groups
Unit 5 Banks Own The Money Deposited In Them
Unit 6 Summary - Why Our Current System Is Broken
Unit 7 Bonus: How Banks Can Legally Take Your Money
Unit 8 Quiz 3 - Why our Current System is Broken
Module 5 Bitcoin Wallets
Unit 1 An Explanation Of Bitcoin Wallets
Unit 2 The Different Types of Wallet
Unit 3 Desktop Wallet - Bitcoin Core
Unit 4 The Best Web and App Wallet To Start With
Unit 5 Hardware Wallets - Making Your Bitcoin Almost Impossible To Steal
Unit 6 Paper Wallets
Unit 7 Multi-Signature Wallets
Unit 8 Quiz 4 - Bitcoin Wallets
Module 6 Supporting The Bitcoin Economy
Unit 1 The Different Ways To Participate In Bitcoin
Unit 2 Becoming A Bitcoin User
Unit 3 Running A Full Bitcoin Node
Unit 4 Becoming A Bitcoin Miner
Unit 5 Becoming A Bitcoin Developer
Unit 6 DMR Quiz 5 - Supporting the Bitcoin Economy
Module 7 How To Get Some Bitcoin
Unit 1 How To Get Some Bitcoin - Module Intro
Unit 2 Buying Bitcoin With Cash
Unit 3 The Simplest Bitcoin Exchange Around
Unit 4 Earning Bitcoin Every Time You Google Something
Module 8 How To Spend Bitcoin
Unit 1 Buying From Amazon With Bitcoin
Unit 2 eBay With Bitcoin
Unit 3 The Ultimate Bitcoin Marketplace
Unit 4 A Big List Of Other Places To Use Bitcoin
Module 9 Conclusion and Next Steps
Unit 1 Conclusion

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