Secrets Of The Bitcoin Triangle (Online Course)

Discover The 21 Fast Track Ways To Make And Save With Bitcoin (Starting From Scratch)

Course Description

The Future of Currency….Secrets of the Bitcoin Triangle

Hello, My name is Chris Coney and I am the founder of Cryptoversity, the online school for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains and you are about to be exposed to the future of money

Bold statement.. I know, but in this short presentation, you will learn why Bitcoins are changing finance the same way the Internet changed the way we share information...

But hey, don't just take my word on it, see what these people have to say about it… (oh, and you may of heard of them before)...

“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.” - The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates

How about the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt? What are his thoughts on Bitcoin?

“Bitcoins… the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value”

Oh, and just one more…

“I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to do something like change the world.”

Who said this?.. Only the co-founder of PayPal,  Peter Thiel

Now why are many people like Bill Gates raging about this little, digital gold coin with a “b” on it…

Well you see, for the FIRST TIME EVER, there is no middle man in the transaction…

This means there is no government interference…

I want you to take that in for a moment…

There is no government interference. They can no longer set the rules of money.

This one coin can now be the answer…. the solution… the messiah to your personal empowerment…

I mean, don’t you want to take your power back from the banks? It’s your money, No?  Don’t you deserve 100% of it?...

Everyday banks are reaching their long dirty hands directly into people’s hard earn money and taking it whenever they deem necessary.

Over the years, Governments have ranked up so much debt that you and I both know we are going to have to pay for it through higher taxes and inflation, that is unless we use Bitcoin as the currency which puts our money far beyond the reach of governments.

It is now more crucial than ever before to have a wealth built up in a place where NO ONE can touch it besides you…

And this is all possible with Bitcoin.

Now Let me show you the magnitude of success and freedom you can experience with Bitcoin:

If you had invested in 345 bitcoins at its beginning stages….

You’d be a millionaire today...

In January 2017 bitcoin was worth around $1,000 now it's worth...

Now I didn’t just tell you that so you can kick yourself for not knowing about it earlier… the truth is….This is just the beginning my friend.

Remember what the Co-Founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel said… This can change the world...

But you see…  there’s just one problem…. Bitcoin is a complicated subject.

Without mastering the fundamentals of your Bitcoin wallet, security, transactions and privacy….

I’d be like going into an unknown jungle with absolutely zero equipment…

How long do you think you’d survive? A day? A week?, maybe a month? But not long right? And it definitely wouldn’t be a pleasurable experience….

But what if I dropped a care package...

You’d go and open it up and see packages of food…. A gallon of water.. A flashlight… a pack of matches….. Some rope (you can never go wrong with some rope)... and a map of the very same jungle you’re in.

This map shows you where to go, what places you NEED to avoid, where the best berries are located, and the poisonous plants you must avoid. It’s basically a blueprint, a step-by-step system showing you exactly what to do...

Now, wouldn’t that be much easier? The jungle doesn’t seem to intimidating anymore, am I right? You now seem to become a bit excited to explore and seek all of it’s hidden fruits and treasures.

And today my friend, I’m giving you that care package to the jungle.


The Secrets of the Bitcoin Triangle…

Like I said before, without learning the fundamentals, you’d be lost in the jungle.
But I don’t want that for you… I want you to experience all the fruits and treasures that the world of Bitcoin has to offer.

That’s why I created this course. I made this course for:

People who have never used Bitcoin before and don’t really care how the technology works, and only care about what treasures Bitcoin can find for them.

The Secrets of the Bitcoin Triangle organises everything you need to know into three self contained parts.

This framework provides you with a crystal clear map of where you are on your Bitcoin learning journey and enables you understand exactly how you can make and save with Bitcoin.

We’ll lay down the foundational knowledge with the first two smaller triangles to provide a solid base and then we’ll build the third and final triangle on top.

I’ll even take you behind the scenes and show you the insides of some of my own accounts, where I’m doing exactly what I teach you, so you can see what yours will look like further down the line.

At the end of this course:

  • You will have your very own Bitcoin wallet, and get this… I will show you this one little secret the VAST MAJORITY of Bitcoin users don’t know… This secret will show you how to set up your wallet as securely as possible... only a few percentage of people do this, and they are the ones who are free of fear and paranoia...
  • You will have learned the 21 essential tactics to make and save using Bitcoin fast and easy. Just Implement one, or two tactics and you would have made your money back… Guaranteed.
  • And as a special bonus gift, you will have received your very first transaction which I will send you myself by sending 25% of the course price to you in Bitcoin! But you have to act now, as I don’t plan on keeping this bonus up for too long (* This applies only when you pay the full course price listed above. You must also claim your Bitcoin within 30 days or the offer will expire.)

Sounds good right? Well if you don’t mind, let me make this just a tad better..

But hold on...  I need to confess something first…

Listen, this is not some get rich quick scheme. I can’t legally guarantee you this will be the best decision of your life… Hey, you might not make a single dollar with Bitcoin…

But to put that doubt in a coffin, you are not just covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, but if you implement all the strategies as instructed, and you DON’T make at least double what you paid…

I will personally cover the difference. And hey, I’ll let you keep the program as well.

I’m not kidding, and I’m also not crazy. That’s just how I do it here at Cryptoversity, I always over deliver… Don’t worry, you’ll get use to it.

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After helping hundreds of people before,  I’m confident I can help you too. Just look at what these people had to say..

From Lee Duckett:

Chris, learning about R******* is worth the cost of the course! My spouse maintains a spreadsheet, hidden on her hard drive, with with everything in. This is going to make her life (and, therefore, mine) so much easier! Thanks!

From Bob Kelly:

Yep. Just about as clear as it could be. Nice one Chris! I’m beginning to understand why Golem felt so strongly about his ‘Precious’

From Thyme Wisper:

Wow! Doubt I could get a s**** d********, but… Something to think about. THANK YOU.

From David Bennett:

Thank you Chris. I really enjoyed this course and it tied up some very serious loose ends for me. I’ve been in the rabbit hole for a while now and this was helpful in pulling in and tying up threads that were sort of hanging out there to twist. Awesome content and well worth the price I paid.

From Peter M Greenaway:

Hi Chris. I am 60 years old and over the years completed many courses in many different fields, and I would have to say that your course on the Bitcoin is by far the most informative well set out value for money course I have ever completed. I have had to come to terms with the new language and vast array of new websites but as a newbie to cryptocurrency I would give this course 100%+. I am so impressed that I have joined your affiliate programme and sincerely hope that I will one day be able to meet you in person. Thank you once again for sharing your immense knowledge.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

P.S: If you have an average yearly income of $60,000, almost $16,000 of it will be taken away from the government. SNATCHED AWAY….

And you have absolutely zero control over it… Until now.

With the use of Bitcoin, your wealth will be far from the reach of any bank. Your money will stay as your money, and it will continue to grow as you use the tactics I teach you inside the program.

What are you waiting for! Click the button below and start investing in your future!

I’ll see you on the other side my friend.

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Free Sample Lessons To Help You Decide

Course Curriculum

Module 1 The Bitcoin Triangle - Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction and Overview of The Bitcoin Triangle
Unit 2 How To Navigate Around
Module 2 Wallets & Security
Unit 1 Wallets and Security - Module Intro
Unit 2 What Is A Bitcoin Wallet?
Unit 3 How To Make Your Wallet Secure
Unit 4 Setting Up Your Bitcoin Wallet
Unit 5 How To Backup Your Wallet
Unit 6 How To Restore Your Wallet
Unit 7 Taking Your Wallet Mobile
Unit 8 Wallets and Security - Module Conclusion
Module 3 Transactions & Privacy
Unit 1 Transactions and Privacy - Module Intro
Unit 2 The Basics Of Receiving
Unit 3 How Transaction Fees Work
Unit 4 The Basics Of Sending
Unit 5 Inspecting Transaction Details
Unit 6 How To Buy More Bitcoin
Unit 7 Transactions and Privacy - Module Conclusion
Module 4 Making
Unit 1 Making - Module Intro
Unit 2 Search Google and Earn Bitcoin
Unit 3 Earn Bitcoin From Social Networking
Unit 4 Receiving Your Existing Salary In Bitcoin
Unit 5 Buying and Holding Bitcoin
Unit 6 Recommend This Course, Earn Bitcoin
Unit 7 Do Jobs Online and Earn Bitcoin
Unit 8 Sell Products And Services For BTC
Unit 9 Become A Bitcoin Trader
Unit 10 Work For The Network Itself
Unit 11 Mine Your Own Bitcoins - The Easy Way
Unit 12 Mine Your Own Bitcoins - The Advanced Way
Unit 13 Accept Bitcoin As Payment
Unit 14 Earn Bitcoin For Your Photography
Unit 15 Invest In New Businesses
Unit 16 Retail Arbitrage
Unit 17 Rent Out Spare Hard Drive Space
Unit 18 Lend Out Your Bitcoin
Unit 19 Give Away Lottery Tickets And Earn Money
Unit 20 Making - Module Conclusion
Module 5 Saving
Unit 1 Saving - Module Intro
Unit 2 Saving Money On Everything By Paying With Bitcoin
Unit 3 Saving Money On International Payments
Unit 4 Saving Your Money From Inflation and Confiscation
Unit 5 Saving - Module Conclusion
Module 6 Bonus Tips and Conclusion
Unit 1 Bonus Tips - Module Intro
Unit 2 Bonus Tip 1 - Make Your Bitcoin Impossible To Steal
Unit 3 Bonus Tip 2 - Staying Up To Date
Unit 4 Bonus Tip 3 - How To Get Hands On Help From Me
Unit 5 Bonus Tip 4 - Inheriting Bitcoin
Unit 6 Conclusion To The Secrets Of The Bitcoin Triangle Course

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