The Master Cryptocurrency Trader

Learn how to multiply your wealth faster than was ever previously possible.

Course Description

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Course Curriculum

Module 1 The Master Crypto Trader - Introduction  
Unit 1 How To Navigate Around
Module 2 The Big Secret To Trading Success  
Unit 1 Shattering The Major Trading Myth
Unit 2 How To Become The House So YOU Always Win
Unit 3 Trading Strategies Make You The House
Unit 4 Trading Your Way Out Of Work
Unit 5 Selecting An Appropriate Account Size
Unit 6 Stop Thinking About Money And You'll Make More
Unit 7 Our Whole Aim For Every Trade
Module 3 Getting Setup With All The Right Tools  
Unit 1 Setting Up Your Charting Software
Unit 2 Setting Up Two Factor Authentication
Unit 3 Setting Up An Exchange Account
Unit 4 Enhanced Verification
Unit 5 2FA On The Exchange
Unit 6 Connecting The Exchange To The Charting Tool
Unit 7 Depositing Your Trading Funds On The Exchange
Unit 8 Checking Your Trading Funds Are Available To Use
Module 4 How To Read Price Charts  
Unit 1 Reading A Candle
Unit 2 Displaying Different Amounts Of Data
Unit 3 Colouring The Chart To Your Liking
Unit 4 The Base And The Terms Currency
Unit 5 Trading Volume
Module 5 Technical Analysis  
Unit 1 Saving Your Analysis
Unit 2 Support and Resistance
Unit 3 Price Tests
Unit 4 Trends and Trend Lines
Unit 5 Price Cyclicity
Unit 6 Moving Averages
Unit 7 Fibonaci Lines
Unit 8 Relative Strength Index
Module 6 Trading Strategies  
Unit 1 Reward To Risk Ratio
Unit 2 Anatomy Of A Trade
Unit 3 Risk Management
Unit 4 Trade Sizing
Module 7 Candlestick Patterns  
Unit 1 Candlestick Patterns Introduction
Unit 2 Candlestick Patterns - Basic Patterns
Unit 3 Candlestick Patterns - Intermediate Patterns 1
Unit 4 Candlestick Patterns - Intermediate Patterns 2
Unit 5 Candlestick Patterns - Advanced Patterns
Module 8 Trading Setups  
Unit 1 The Power Bounce