24th June 2018

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The Master Cryptocurrency Trader

Learn a complete system for trading cryptocurrencies and multiplying your Bitcoin.

Course Description

Welcome to The Master Cryptocurrency Trader, a course that will teach you how to trade cryptocurrencies using a step by step system.

My name is Chris Coney, the Founder of Cryptoversity, the world’s first online school for learning about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and I’ll be your instructor.

I’m also the creator of The Cryptoverse podcast which has grown to tens of thousands of subscribers and is downloaded hundreds of thousands of times a month.

I’ve combined what I’ve learned from 10 years of Forex trading with my knowledge of cryptocurrencies to create a truly unique learning experience.

I designed this course for anyone who is coming to trading for the first time.

By the end of the course you’ll:

  1. Know the biggest secrets to trading success
  2. Be setup with the best charting and trading tools
  3. You’ll know how to read a price chart
  4. How to do technical analysis to spot price patterns and trends
  5. You’ll have learned trading strategies to ensure you make money consistently
  6. And you’ll have learned some specific trading setups so you know when to get in and when to get out

In each module I will teach you an individual component which, when put together, will give you a complete trading system.

Having a system to follow eliminates a lot of uncertainty and acts as training wheels until you feel confident enough to start branching out and personalising your trading style to what comes naturally to you.

You’ll also learn the The Power Bounce and Cashflow trading setups so you know what to go looking for when you do your chart readings.

I designed this course for those who are not content to just to buy and hold Bitcoin.

It’s for people who want to trade in and out of other cryptocurrencies with the aim of continually increasing the total amount of Bitcoin that you hold.

So not only will you benefit from the increasing value Bitcoin, but you’ll also increase the amount of Bitcoin you have, as you trade.

I also designed this course for people who are easily overwhelmed. Each lesson deals with a single subject so you can take it in before before moving on.

Before you enroll, please make sure you know the basics of how to buy Bitcoin and how to send and receive transactions.

So feel free to watch the free sample lessons and I’ll see you on the inside.


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Free Sample Lessons To Help You Decide

Course Curriculum

Module 1 The Master Crypto Trader - Introduction
Unit 1 Overview Of The Master Cryptocurrency Trader Course
Unit 2 How To Navigate Around
Module 2 The Big Secret To Trading Success
Unit 1 Introduction To 'The Biggest Secret' Module
Unit 2 Shattering The Major Trading Myth
Unit 3 How To Become The House So YOU Always Win
Unit 4 Trading Strategies Make You The House
Unit 5 Trading Your Way Out Of Work
Unit 6 Selecting An Appropriate Account Size
Unit 7 Stop Thinking About Money And You'll Make More
Unit 8 Our Whole Aim For Every Trade
Unit 9 Converting Bitcoin To Gold For Price Stability
Unit 10 Conclusion To 'The Biggest Secret' Module
Module 3 Getting Setup With All The Right Tools
Unit 1 Introduction To The 'Getting Setup With All The Right Tools' Module
Unit 2 Setting Up Your Charting Software
Unit 3 Setting Up Two Factor Authentication
Unit 4 Setting Up An Exchange Account
Unit 5 Enhanced Verification
Unit 6 2FA On The Exchange
Unit 7 Connecting The Exchange To The Charting Tool
Unit 8 Depositing Your Trading Funds On The Exchange
Unit 9 Checking Your Trading Funds Are Available To Use
Unit 10 Conclusion To The 'Getting Setup With All The Right Tools' Module
Module 4 How To Read Price Charts
Unit 1 Introduction To The 'How To Read Price Charts' Module
Unit 2 Reading A Candle
Unit 3 Displaying Different Amounts Of Data
Unit 4 Colouring The Chart To Your Liking
Unit 5 The Base And The Terms Currency
Unit 6 Trading Volume
Unit 7 Conclusion To The 'How To Read Price Charts' Module
Module 5 Technical Analysis
Unit 1 Introduction To The 'Technical Analysis' Module
Unit 2 Saving Your Analysis
Unit 3 Support and Resistance
Unit 4 Price Tests
Unit 5 Trends and Trend Lines
Unit 6 Price Cyclicity
Unit 7 Moving Averages
Unit 8 Fibonacci Lines
Unit 9 Relative Strength Index
Unit 10 Conclusion To The 'Technical Analysis' Module
Module 6 Trading Strategies
Unit 1 Introduction To The 'Trading Strategies' Module
Unit 2 Reward To Risk Ratio
Unit 3 Anatomy Of A Trade
Unit 4 Risk Management
Unit 5 Trade Sizing
Unit 6 Your Trading Journal
Unit 7 The Triple Chart Strategy
Unit 8 Probability vs Quantity of Opportunity
Unit 9 Falling Knives and Moonshots
Unit 10 Conclusion To The 'Trading Strategies' Module
Module 7 Trading Setups
Unit 1 Introduction To The 'Trading Setups' Module
Unit 2 The Power Bounce
Unit 3 The Cash Flow Setup
Unit 4 Trading Symmetrical Triangles
Unit 5 Trading Ascending Triangles
Unit 6 Trading Consolidations
Unit 7 Placing and Managing Trades
Unit 8 Conclusion To The 'Trading Setups' Module
Module 8 Candlestick Patterns
Unit 1 Candlestick Patterns Introduction
Unit 2 Candlestick Patterns - Basic Patterns
Unit 3 Candlestick Patterns - Intermediate Patterns 1
Unit 4 Candlestick Patterns - Intermediate Patterns 2
Unit 5 Candlestick Patterns - Advanced Patterns
Unit 6 Conclusion To The 'Candlestick Patterns' Module
Module 9 Conclusion
Unit 1 Conclusion and Additional Resources