About Cryptoversity

R. Buckminster Fuller is famously quoted as saying:

Make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offence or the disadvantage of anyone.

Cryptoversity exists primarily to help build this vision by educating people on how to tap into the opportunities and freedoms offered by Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and blockchains.

About The Founder - Chris Coney

So you're probably wondering who started Cryptoversity and why.

My name is Chris Coney, and the simplest way I can put the reason why I started Cryptoversity is this:

It was the next logical step based on everything I had learned and experienced in my life up to that point.

Through my own process of personal development I had identified an innate gift to structure information into logical frameworks and then communicate them to others in such a way that people felt at ease, understood and respected and not patronised, judged or inferior.

When I discovered the world of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, it took about a year for me to realise the one major thing holding it back from being adopted more widely was the lack of good quality education on the subject.

It then took me another six months to realise that it was time for me to apply my gifts, talents and abilities as a natural communicator to solving the Bitcoin education problem.

Soon after that Cryptoversity was born.

Why does Cryptoversity matter?

It matters because it is part of a new breed of organisation that is 'mission first, profit second'.

Since Cryptoversity is primarily about creating opportunities for financial freedom, the barriers to this (such as education) had to be removed.

Cryptoversity stands against the greed of huge corporations that are largely responsible for rapidly destroying our environment, our society and our liberty.

The age of the purpose driven organisation is here. The age in which we start businesses with an equal focus on people, planet and profit, instead of profit at the expense of planet and people.

What is the vision for Cryptoversity?

Initially it will produce information for the crypto economy. Later I may expand to other topics that promise to lead you to freedom.

I also intend to bring other world class teachers into Cryptoversity who can help expand our library of information more quickly than I could on my own.

How can I get a deeper understanding of the thinking behind Cryptoversity?

I would highly recommend that you listen to this episode of Bitcoins and Gravy where I was interviewed by John Barret.

I think I gave a good description of the beliefs that I hold about the unrivaled value of education and awareness, which is the very foundation upon which Cryptoversity is built.