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Why Does Cryptoversity Exist?

To boost cryptocurrency adoption, separate money from the state and create a competitive landscape that offers equal opportunities for individual economic prosperity. Learn more.

How Is Cryptoversity Different?

We redistribute the wealth our organisation creates back into the community, creating equal opportunities for all.

What Does Cryptoversity Provide?

Education and information products on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

What Are Students Saying About Cryptoversity?

The Cryptoversity courses are exactly what I've been looking for. There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to getting started in cryptocurrency, and because of this many people choose not to get involved. It's difficult to find a reliable source that you can trust is giving you accurate information. With Cryptoversity you can trust that the information being taught is legitimate and accurate. When I started these courses I didn't know anything about cryptocurrency, and now that I've went through all the material I have a much deeper understanding about how this works. Chris teaches in a way that is effective and he makes his material very easy to understand. I highly recommend getting these courses if you're looking to get started with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. These courses will teach you everything you need to know so you can confidently get involved and start preparing for the future.

Andy Walton, USA

Absolutely the best alternative to the university/college stuff, a must for anyone that is looking for truthful, honest hard facts about the money they have.

Byron Nightingale

I like how he is giving a clear backstory to provide foundational understanding about bitcoin instead of just jumping into how to buy and sell. 4-stars-tiny

Al Darfco

I am 60 years old and over the years completed many courses in many different fields, and I would have to say that your course on the Digital Money Revolution is by far the most informative well set out value for money course I have ever completed. I have had to come to terms with the new language and vast array of new Websites but as a Newbie to Cryptocurrency I would give this course 100%+. I am so impressed that I have joined your affiliate programme and sincerely hope that I will one day be able to meet you in person. Thank you once again for sharing your immense knowledge.

Peter Greenaway, Australia

Chris Coney does a great job leading the learner from confusion to confidence in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I took The Digital Money Revolution course and it covers the history of Bitcoin, the philosophy and technology, an examination of money on a broad scale, what Bitcoin wallets are, how to get bitcoins, and how to spend them. If you post a question you are likely to get a response very quickly.

Kevin Young

Well at one time I was writing a PhD on expert behaviour. I didnt finish it But I can recognise the qualities of expert behaviour and this presenter and materials are genuinely outstanding. I like the ethical concern/values dimension too, it confirms genuine respect for the learner. The approach is also sensitively individualised. Yeah ten out of ten. 5-stars-tiny

Carolyn Martin

Great material for a person that want to learn the basics, and much more than just the basics, about this revolutionary technology and currency. Easy to follow and each lecture and section makes sense and it's just about enough to grasp and digest. I highly recommend this to anyone that like to learn about and take part of bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, as a start to later dig deeper into the new economy.

Claes Staffansson

The course far exceeded my expectations. So professionally rendered. Chris is so thorough and masterful at taking a complex subject and breaking it into small understandable bites. I stayed up way too late several evenings because the material is so engaging. Can't wait to see what else Chris comes out with!

Janet Amick

This guy really, really knows his stuff. He's also an incredible teacher and his lessons are very well organized. 5-stars-tiny

Tom Duke

Success Stories

Sam L - Cryptoversity Student From Germany +

In 2016 I decided, I had to leave the big corporation I was working for to avoid a deep frustration and get "back to the future", where what you do actually counts, makes sense and allows you to combine your values with your actions.

Having done many things not digital for years, I had decided, I wanted to check the subjects "AI", "ChatBot" and "Blockchain" to decide, if any of these would be something for me and my new future.

During my blockchain research, I stumbled over Chris Coney's show on YouTube and became a daily viewer, quickly.

And with the help of Chris I understood many things much quicker and actually got a very broad view on the crypto sphere, very quickly. Much broader than many other people. Not only bitcoin, but other currencies. Not only currencies, but other blockchain use cases and real life concepts for products and services.

I then signed up as a patron soon. Because I think, it is important, that we support each other directly if we want out of the ad & data theft cycle we are in. So – if you are still reading this, think about donating an amount you can afford or signing up as a patron.

As a patron I also got access to the courses at Cryptoversity and I watched the Bitcoin videos from Chris, which really helped me to deepen and strengthen my understanding of the technology itself, but also about the social impact this revolution could bring. This way Chris opened the world, I now call the CryptoCraze to me – with all its positive and negative aspects.

But most of all, I have come to rely on the Telegram patron group, that is a tremendous source of information and knowledge - and I of course still try to catch my dose of the Cryptoverse when I can.

But what is it really worth? I think diving into Chris’ services and products helped me get the basics, quicker and sometimes deeper insights even if “unintentionally” through our conversations, but really – that’s how true education works in my view.

I recently did an intro kind of presentation for blockchain interested people in my hometown and I got very positive responses and some queries to do presentations for C-level circles at a convention (only paying travel, though), for students at a university and was asked to draft use cases for corporations – best of all for me, I was also asked to join a Blockchain startup in a mixture of marketing, operation and strategy role as the founder thought, I understood the technology and social aspects very well 😉

Of course a startup is not a success until it has found its investors and as in my home country ICOs seem to involve a very blurry legal situation, we are looking at normal investment roads to run down.

Just one year ago, I was in this corporate hell - and today I have many of opportunities - the greatest working in/for a technology I have come to love for its potential and the spirit that it sometimes ignites in people. It is like the 90ies and the internet – we were a bunch of crazy people then, nobody believed it would ever be a reliable technology. Today – well. The internet is the backbone of information and communication. The blockchain may open us the Internet of values or a truly decentralized future.

And the start of all of this, involved Chris Coney and his offerings - the Cryptoverse, Cryptoversity and the Patron group.

And I am sure, Chris will help create opportunities for others as well!

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